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Rockie Nolan: Invigorating Photos as Art

The photographer has never been more acknowledged as artist. It would upon first inspection appear to be a simpler art form, which may be why it was never really appreciated the way a sculptor or painter was. People saw it merely as pointing, clicking and developing while other artists could spend years on a single piece. It’s just as likely[Read More...]

18/10/2013 Artists

Kickstarting a New Wave of Artists

Kickstarter has revolutionised creative projects. Suddenly independent artists aren’t lost without the financial support of a studio or manager or agent. It has only taken the platform a few years to bring in over five million donations for 50,000 creative projects. Everything from art to video games, ideas large and small, are seeing reality, helping filmmakers, designers and artists launch their[Read More...]

03/10/2013 Projects
Promising New Designers Receive 2013 Saul Bell Awards

Promising New Designers Receive 2013 Saul Bell Awards

For a decade, the Saul Bell Design Awards has recognised jewelry designers 18 years and younger. The only criteria are the completed work is original, functioning and wearable. There are a number of categories and all pieces are judged on unique look and innovation, as well as craftsmanship. The Gold and Platinum category’s grand prize was taken by Ryan Roberts of Chimayo,[Read More...]

04/09/2013 Artists
One Sheet Legend John Henry Alvin

One Sheet Legend John Henry Alvin

The one sheet is an entertainment term referring to film poster advertising. These 27 inch by 41 inch images can become sought after memorabilia. General film posters sold in stores are actually 24 inch by 36 inch, which is what makes original one sheets so valuable to collectors. John Henry Alvin is an American graphic designer. He has designed one sheets[Read More...]

30/08/2013 Artists